Georgi Stamenov Portfolio

A portfolio about energy efficient and environmental building design, architectural technologies and construction management

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Parametric Study - Model

Analysing variety of insulation thicknesses, AHUs, PV arrays and storage options

Parametric Study - Average weekly electricity use

Comparison of electricity user cases

Parametric Study - PV Analyses

Emissions and cost comparison of different system sizes. The cost takes under consideration the price of array, electricity price and tax deduction for the period of 40 years

Parametric Study - ILCA and PV scripts

The main parametric netwrok graph showing all simulated combinations of insulation thicknesses, heat pump or district heating, AHUs, and PV arrays.

PV script is parametric study of panel price, embodied emissions, size, efficiency, tax deductions, electricity price, battery size, interest rate, price growth, panel and energy production, all over 40 years

Parametric Study - integrated lifecycle assessment (ILCA)

Graph of best output combination for different weights of economic and environmental assessments as part of single ILCA score.

Climate Analysis

Site analyses of climate file in Helsingborg

Climate Analysis - Annual Solar Radiation Potential

Climate Analysis - Building Shading

Daylight Analysis

DF, DA and Radiance

Residential Buildings

Design to building permit phases

Concrete Element

Prefabricated element with TTS beams pockets and a beam

PV Lab

IV curve